How Resale Works

How Consignment Works and checklist prior to coming in


Check our list of brands that we take and don't take and follow the quality control checklist below.... THEN....

Bring in your clothing, shoes, purses and accessories.... no appointment is needed but please leave them with us so we can do our quality control check.  No drop-offs on Saturday. Clothes should be on hangers or neatly folded, in excellent condition, current style and in season. If we are overstocked in a size or category, we may decide to pass on an item.  We will keep your items in inventory for 60 days.  If the items don't sell and you have not arranged to pick them up, they will move over to the store account and become the property of Fancypants at the Beach where we may sell, reduce or donate.

Here are some tips on doing your own quality control check prior to visiting us:

Look at and check:

underarms for yellowing and deodorant and pilling

collars for staining or ring-around-the-collar

cuffs of shirts and hems of pants for stains, etc

missing buttons and broken zippers

Crotch area on pants, skorts and athletic wear

Waist band of pants and skirts for cleanliness

missing belts on dresses, jackets, etc.

missing shoulder straps on purses that came with one

shoes must not show toe or heel prints, have excessive wear on soles or nicked leather

fading and shrinkage

excessively wrinkled or creased




Hours & Directions

Friday and Saturday 10:30-4:30- Sunday 10-2

15 Atlantic Avenue
Ocean View, DE 19970

We do not have the ability to receive messages on our telephone line.

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